Endurance Athlete & Trainer Jon Howard shares life tips from his podcast, Relentless Courage

Jon Howard
Special Contributor

When I got sober in 2013 it was to make choices that align better with my growth as a person, and to have a purpose in life. The world was moving fast and I wasn’t escaping it anymore by abusing alcohol.
I created five core programs to help myself adjust to life without alcohol. These programs are:

  • Vision
  • Block/Rhythm
  • Action
  • Nourish
  • Energize

My intent in sharing this info is to help others who want to change their lives the way I have.
I have extensive experience as a trainer to athletes at every level, as well as extremely successful business owners and executives. Said another way my clients have experienced the highest levels of professional success.
Through our working together with my clients and friends, I discovered that these programs resonated in their lives as well.

It turns out we can all benefit by being intentional about where we spend our time and energy.
As an example, the fall after writing my programs, I finished my first Superior 100 Mile Footrace in 37:30:34. It was great to accomplish this goal using my program.

How to block your time

We are all busy and have to prioritize our time, but it can be challenging to know how to say yes and no to the appropriate things.

I utilize blocks as boxes of time on my calendar. Sleep is a big block. Work can be a block by itself and/or it can consist of its own blocks and these mechanics can be applied that way.

I’ve chosen three phases to block my calendar according to my priorities, and encourage you to do the same.


The first phase is to recognize what our 6-8 blocks currently are. This information is used to build transitions as we navigate through.


In the second phase, we create a list of our priorities in order, which become our prioritized blocks.


The third phase is to organize our blocks. The final stage of this Block portion is to LIVE IT! Live for some time according to your prioritized blocks.

Next time we’ll discuss how to have rhythm in your time blocking and how to move between different priorities utilizing reflection.

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